Camila Alves creator of Muxo Unique Leather HandbagsI was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and spent my childhood between the beaches of Bahia and the farmlands of Minas Gerais. I was raised by my mother who’s a fashion designer and my father who’s a farmer.. these two influences along with my love of travel, are the major influences on my lifestyle and creativity…..I came to Los Angeles when I was 15 to visit my aunt, and never left….. after working for 4 years cleaning houses and waiting tables, I not only learned the english language (I didn’t speak a word upon arriving), but I knew I wanted to make America my home.

At 19, I moved to New York to pursue a modeling career and that’s what I've been doing ever since.. Now, modeling has not only paid my bills but taken me around the world, from Paris to Milan to China and Africa, and Camila Alves: Billabongmany destinations in between. I have never been a “fashion follower” so to speak, but I have always known what I liked, what I did not, and why.

With my family in Brazil needing some help making ends meet, my mother and I got together and decided to create handbags.. with her fashion design experience and my desire to find the right handbag for my lifestyle, we started designing in 2005….. after 3 years of experimenting, we finally created a handbag that was both practical and fashionable and of the highest quality yet still sexy. After the success of our first year, we are now proud to launching our new MUXO collection.. each handmade by me and my mother, and now available to you.